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The Enduring Mountains - 



To our Elders, who will depart this world one day, crossing the River in the Sky to become stars, surrounded forever by the love and light of our Mother Moon. Here on Earth we will be waiting for them: All Saint’s Day will be the meeting place between life and death meet, between the Sky and the Earth.

- Marcela Bañados, The Universe of our elders, Atacameño Ethnoastronomy Project by ALMA, 2013

It is a dark time for the Atacameños. Mining companies are taking a more radical approach to Lithium extraction in order to catch up with demand. The situation becomes very opaque as the mining companies and government are hiding the truth about environmental destruction.
AZAD(Atacameños Zone to Defend) was founded in 2029, it is a cross nation resistance organization designed to gain back the right of interpretation of their own environment, Likan serves in AZAD as a sensors operator…

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