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Any kind of waste created is a burden on our environment, putting a strain on already precious resources, including water, land, and energy.

We often take food for granted and never think twice about our consumption behaviours, but food waste, in particular, is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, as it typically ends up in landfills or is sent to incinerators, contributing to global warming and climate change. The vicious cycle that is created from the food that we waste each day is astonishing.

What if food waste could be turned into something useful? We believe that more can be done with the food waste created.

Food waste is given a new life when sent to the repurposing factory instead of landfills or incinerators. After going through the processes of mixing, drying, and pressing, a new biodegradable material is born, transforming the vicious food waste cycle into a virtuous one.

Zero waste created and reducing food waste at the same time! Alphapot is our first step in turning waste into a resource, in using food waste as a material, we hope to let design and nature take care of your plants.

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