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Nespresso's "The Capsule Journey”—the concept that even after each Nespresso capsule has fulfilled its purpose of consistently providing the highest quality coffee, the contents left behind can continue on to their second life.

The pop-up itself is designed with eco-consciousness in mind, too—a dramatic archway is filled with 264 mini herb plants, housed in Nespresso capsule-shaped Bionicraft pots that are crafted from food waste and recycled coffee grounds (which contribute to the stone-speckled effect of the pots). As they are 100% natural, the pots will eventually biodegrade and can be planted directly in the soil—after the exhibition, the pots will be donated to the local Nespresso Farm in Sheung Shui to be used to fertilise crops.

The Capsule Journey_1.jpg
The Capsule Journey_2.jpg
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